Visual Randomness
Gunter Rambow: S. Fischer Verlag poster
Swing Band all’Ortica (presso La Balera Dell’ortica)
Awaiting the Enemy That Never Came: The Bunkers of Albania
@theperfectnothingcatalog crowd sourced photoshoot 
Gorgeous #handwriting paired with #Sansserif for FYI channel on-air look - #typography #calligraphy
"The word is bond" #illustration by Ravi Zupa
Intermarche’s Inglorious fruits and vegetable, a campaign against #food #waste
"Quadernini", a collection by Thomas Pololi
AD HERE (Hong Kong, 2012)
積ん読 tsundoku — (𝘯.) buying books and not reading them
An illustrated guide to some of the world’s most destructive computer viruses
Écritures imaginaires by T.Guillard (from my new favourite #Tumblr “Languages as Symbols”)
Bodoni Sans, by Jason Vandenberg #typography
Small Ads wall, Berkeley University. California (from Red Chronicles)
French artist Eric Lacombe creates creepy paintingsshow distorted creepy faces.