Rainbow Aperisfizio

A new colorful stop-motion video I made with crackers and veggies.
[Client: Olivia & Marino - Agency: We Are Social]


My personal  project SUCA FORTE has now its own Instagram channel. 

Started in February 2013, it is a photographic collection of written insults found in the streets of Palermo (my hometown) and around Italy.

SUCA is a typical insult in southern Italy (it means “suck it”). Especially in Palermo, SUCA is everywhere: it is widely used in verbal language and is also written on every wall in sight, aimed at passers-by. Its constant use in popular culture over a long time makes it interesting from an anthropological point of view.

You can see the whole collection (250 and growing) on Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter. More info about the project on my Portfolio.

Scanner-aided Self Portrait

During these days I’m trying to catch images from various sources — both analog and digital — and examine the distortion caused by the medium and the procedure of acquisition. This particular one is a xeroxesque portrait made with a crappy black-and-white scanner and then digitally colorized.

The Fighting Astronauts - by @fintan_magee (presso Brick Lane)